Description: "Christmas Play" is a sweet orchestral track with sleigh bells. Mood: cheerful, playful, sweet, naif. Instrumentation: glockenspiel, sleigh bells, orchestra. Suggested use: Christmas, Nativity, winter holidays.

Description: Christmas is indeed the best time of the year! There are presents, lights, pine trees, mistletoe and even Santa Claus to delight everyone in this holiday season!

Description: “Wonderful Christmas” is relax, joyful christmas feeling feature a strings section, sleight bell and chimes. This track fit for christmas project.

Description: Happy, positive and magical version of Christmas Jingle Bells with ukulele, glockenspiel, sleigh bells, bass and drums. Ideal for joyful and playful christmas projects, especially for kids.

Description: A warm and emotional orchestral track with a Christmas feel. Featuring woodwinds, sleigh bells, celesta and strings. Good for advertising, film, tv and video.

Description: Classic Christmas song arranged with multiple layers of nylon, acoustic guitar and additional instrumentation to expand the sound and allow the viewer to experience the music in a different and unique way.

Description: Mistic, spooky and fun halloween theme, with a slightly playful feeling perfect for spooky children’s parties, advertisements, computer games or anything requiring a definitive Halloween theme. Enjoy :)

Description: Christmas, holiday, guitar, triangle, instrumental, ambient, calm, background, relaxing, mellow, classical, romantic, chill, dreamy, easy, elegant, ethereal, light, soft, tranquil, smooth, soothing

Description: “Halloween Lurking” is spooky creepy feeling feature a lurking bell, strings section, ghost chorus and pad for the halloween event. This track fit for trailer, ghost, halloween project and come up with 4 versions for you to choose!

Description: A magical Christmas music track perfect for setting up a wondrous and imaginative holiday atmosphere. Great for commercials, Youtube videos, websites, and any project needing a Christmassy mood.