Description: Traditional Christmas carol done orchestrally.

Description: "A light and gentle (and short) version of ""Jingle Bells"" in stark contrast to ww700201 ".

Description: Christmas feelings abound in a Tchaikovski.

Description: If you're looking for some cool way to advertise your product or business this Christmas, you've come to the right place! "Christmas Advertising" is upbeat and full of energy and it's just what your project needs if you want a cool power boost while keeping the Christmas atmosphere! The track comes in standard advertising lenghts: the original 60 seconds version, two 30 seconds versions, a long loop, and 2 short loops!

Description: Slow, lamenting lullaby style spooky piece with a haunting atmosphere. Conveying suspense and imminent frights, the melody is played on a celesta, with subtle strings underneath. Ominous, with a tense and eerie mood. Useful in a Halloween or horror production that needs a simple creepy style.

Description: A happy Christmas jingle bells audio loop , recorded with acoustic guitar and percussion with a bit a of a country style. Very positive and colorful theme that captures the Christmas spirit.

Description: Original Christmas theme with catchy bell melody, lush synths and upbeat percussion/bass. Festive, childish and fun.

Description: 30 second edit of this christmas classic.

Description: Super positive dance track for children and their parents…Do holiday for all, and get your own song for holidays! Christmas, winter holidays melody, children laugh and string background, bells… Children wait for Santa and want to dance…:)Let's make a party for them!:)