Description: It’s very gentle and magical track. Features glockenspiel, piano, strings ensemble and harp. You can use this track as a background for you Christmas projects.

Description: Christmas picture: people are preparing for the holiday rush to buy presents for family and friends, children enjoy the first snow. Here is the mood the music conveys with pizzicato strings, bells, accordion.

Description: A short original holiday tune featuring marimba, glockenspiel, bells, and various percussion. Upbeat and cheerful!

Description: Positive, energetic, fun track that is based on melody Jingle Bells. Santa Claus plays the ukulele and whistles a tune, and then dances Christmas Rock & Roll. Here we use the piano, the human whistle, organ, ukulele, bells, drums, percussion. Successful use! Happy holidays!

Description: An upbeat Halloween song with a cute and classic melody, reminding us that Halloween is just as much fun as it is scary. Great for youtube videos, slideshows, commercials, film, or video games!

Description: Happy Christmas music with sleigh bells and a catchy melody. It gives a feeling of riding in a horse drawn sleigh through wintry scenes. Snow falling, tree trimming, kids sledding, or a roaring fireplace. A lovely holiday piece great for advertesements, kids TV, video games, retail, and holiday events.

Description: This is a clean edit of the Who Spiked the Eggnog track. A hilarious and fun Christmas tune in the style of Run DMC or Beastie Boys and perfect for a raucous Christmas party or just for a good laugh around Christmas. Great for any Christmas party videos/productions where people are having fun and letting it all go!

Description: This Christmas carols, known in the world, as Carols of the Bells, in the original is "Shchedryk"(Ukrainian).

Description: Awesome upbeat Holiday music that is spirited and bright sure to motivate shoppers to shop, shop, shop. This is energetic and lively. It is a great alternative to the over played Christmas music. It is also nice and holiday neutral so as not to offend those that do not celebrate Christmas.