Description: A track for Halloween that you can use as theme for your Halloween visual project, film or just for a spooky ambience. This electro track influenced by John Carpenter' Halloween soundtrack take a rapid and epic ride, with a Dubstep/Dulcimer theme midle part and a return to the dark beginning. A big Halloween fun.

Description: A light, fun orchestral arrangement of the Christmas classic, Jingle Bells by Pierpont. Melody spread between instruments. This is the perfect feel good Christmas piece suitable for all kinds of Christmas scenes.

Description: A very warm and reflective tune bringing back wonderful feelings and memories of home and family during the holidays featuring piano, bass and drums.

Description: This track I made especially for Halloween.enjoy!!!!1

Description: It is a romantic, warm, emotional, Christmas music! Ideal for a variety of Christmas projects, video, advertising, presentations, etc.

Description: Spooky pipe organ instrumental music, perfect for any horror or Halloween project.

Description: Bright, calm, positive music. The expression of joy and celebration. Tender and sensual. Perfectly suitable for accompany of family video, for sensual New Year show, plays, also for television, radio and much more. The music is very simple, catchy and easy for cut or lengthen.

Description: Jingle Bells, Christmas Carol Instrumental played on a glockenspiel with a merry, jolly feel at 108bpm

Description: A hip-hop gangsta style interpretation of the traditional Christmas song Deck the Halls, which is written in a down tempo minor key to give an aggressive dark sinister sound. Make your project unique by incorporating this different take on the popular yuletide song.

Description: Easy Christmas melody accompanied by guitar, bass, drums and string sections. A sense of celebration must be with you all the Christmas holidays! Please contact me if you need to modify this track for your specifications.