Description: This mysterious Christmas music, depicts a search for something.

Description: Delightful Christmas melody, playful and happy, perfect for advertising and commercial underscore

Description: A relaxing and peaceful tune perfect for a quiet Christmas atmosphere.

Description: Traditional Christmas carol done orchestrally with a rockin' surf guitar.

Description: If you're looking for some cool way to advertise your product or business this Christmas, you've come to the right place! "Christmas Advertising" is upbeat and full of energy and it's just what your project needs if you want a cool power boost while keeping the Christmas atmosphere! The track comes in standard advertising lenghts: the original 60 seconds version, two 30 seconds versions, a long loop, and 2 short loops!

Description: This is a quirky and eccentric track that is fast-paced, chaotic, haunting and eery. Lots of breaks for editing to your production and perfect for visuals for Halloween. Think witches, skeletons, ghouls, goblins and other monsters. Spooky, scary, dark and and menacing!

Description: Festive Christmas music. Positive tune with piano, violin and bells.

Description: Subtle piano accompanied by antique sleigh bells, pipe organ and strings play A/B pattern. Suggested to underscore happy, feel-good moments, nostalgic winter holiday scenes, traditional Christmas reunion of extended family a la Norman Rockwell and seasonal narration. Key of G

Description: Gloriously feelgood, jolly, fun and uplifting original Christmas track. Uptempo, with a 60s retro feel. Opens with an air of anticipation before full theme. Features piano, tubular bells, strings, electric guitar, glockenspiel, small bells & sleigh bells. PERFECT FOR ANYTHING CHRISTMASSY