Description: Super positive holiday christmas track for celebration background projects and video…Do holiday for all, and get your own song for holidays! Christmas, winter chill holidays melody, rythmic drums and string background, bells…

Description: 5 secondss of christmas bells with a fade ending. ideal as a segue or transition for your holiday video project.

Description: 15 stinger features christmas bells, strings, french horns. elegant & dramatic.

Description: Short Happy Birthday music box loop. Good for movie, trailers, games, animations and more.

Description: Lively and playful song for chamber orchestra. This track is perfect as a background for all kinds of happy scenes or funny video games about Christmas or winter. The song is associated with children fun time and games. Please notice that all of my tracks are registered with YouTube Content ID, which protects my content against illegal usage.

Description: This tune creates a magical Christmas vibe. Perfect for any Christmas/New Year projects.

Description: "Christmas Play" is a sweet orchestral track with sleigh bells. Mood: cheerful, playful, sweet, naif. Instrumentation: glockenspiel, sleigh bells, orchestra. Suggested use: Christmas, Nativity, winter holidays.

Description: Celebrate the holidays with this warm and uplifting composition featuring a full orchestral palette. A wonderful track to set the mood for Christmas films, TV shows, commercials, parties and other productions. Epic and thrilling, grand and heartwarming. Exciting and vibrant.

Description: An uplifting festive track, sparkling with wintery atmosphere. Features varied, colorful orchestral instrumentation within contrasting sections and uplifting key changes Positive and hopeful melody and harmony that bring optimism and happiness to the listener!

Description: A wonderful jazz Christmas track with groovy guitars and piano.