Description: An upbeat, glorious, celebration of Christmas. Busy, orchestral and original festive piece full of movement, warmth, fun and merriment. Really captures the spirit and excitement of the season. Perfect for promos, commercials and television theme. 60sec, 30sec and stings full and underscore mixes

Description: Well known, heart warming traditional Christmas favourite, played by a brass ensemble. Snow falling, wrapped up warm, out gift shopping with a street corner brass band playing. Opens with solo trombone and slowly builds. Commercial length 60 and 30sec versions plus brass only mixes

Description: Gentle, but stirring and emotional Christmas theme from around the Middle Ages. A kindly, fresh faced fair maiden elegantly waltzes around a forest glade choosing holly and berries for her Lord and masters table, as the snow gently falls. Great for historical documentary, television and drama.

Description: Santa gets 'Go Faster' stripes with this upbeat, contemporary original festive groove. All the excitement of Christmas, with pace, movement, pazazz....... and of course, a good beat. Inject a bit of magic into your commercials, promos & TV productions. Features real strings and brass. 60sec and 30sec full and underscore versions

Description: Laidback arrangement of acoustic guitars, accompanied by antique sleigh bells, bass guitar, piano, organ, tubular bells and percussion.

Description: Piano accompanied by antique sleighbells, horse bells, and organ play upbeat seasonal arrangement suggested to underscore heartfelt winter holiday scenes, ecards, commercials and PSAs.

Description: 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' inspired hip pop dance festive track. Full of energy & R&B drive & gives the traditional Christmas carol a modern twist. Great party atmosphere - perfect for upbeat commercials, TV programming, web promotions & anything festive that needs some umph! 60 & 30sec full mix & underscores

Description: Very light and sparkly version of the popular traditional Christmas carol. Lovely yet subtle and atmospheric and full of the spirit of Christmas. Perfect for e-cards through to commercials. Features glockenspiel and softly swells with choir & strings. 60sec & 30sec commercial versions

Description: Laid-back, casual reggae-inspired arrangement of sleigh bells, bass, drums, guitars, organ, clavinet and tubular bells reminiscent of church bells.

Description: Funny and lively song for harpsichord, guitar, double bass and percussion. This track contains sounds and melodies associated with Halloween, skeletons, etc. Whipping guiro sounds like wailing ghost. Please notice that all of my tracks are registered with YouTube Content ID, which protects my content against illegal usage.