Description: People are getting ready to celebrate the biggest holiday of the year – Christmas. Feel the spirit of the day with this beautiful vibe. Bells, strings, guitars, piano and synths make a perfect track for commercials, film tralers, youtube videos and other.

Description: It is time to open the presents from Santa under the Christmas tree! This joyful holiday composition has positive vibe, it creates good mood. Bells, strings, guitars and synths make it perfect for commercials, film trailers, youtube videos. Happy holidays!

Description: Magical gentle Christmas piece for your needs. Enjoy your winter vacation with this composition that will make you feel the spirit of holidays. Great for commercials, youtube, videos, podcasts, etc.

Description: Beautiful Christmas music track that creates magical atmospere of celebration. The piece will embellish your projects like commercials, films, presentations. In this track we used bells, strings, guitars and synths.

Description: Sometimes show on Christmas day is true wonder. But only when showflakes are sparkling in the air and the ground is covered by snowdrifts, you can really feel the spirit of holidays. Bells, guitar, strings, piano and synths make this beautiful atmospheric track good for films, commercials and many other.

Description: It is time to exchange Christmas presents! Enjoy your gifts and spend time with your family on this happy day! The music track, featuring bells, guitar, strings, flute and synths, is perfect fot Christmas projects, movies, commercials, applications, and more.

Description: This music track evokes mood of winter, holidays and wonders.Just picture shiny snowflakes falling onto your head, frosty day and happy people around, getting ready to celebration. Bells, guitar, strings, piano and synths, used in this composition, make it perfect for commercials, film trailers, apps and other Chrostmas projects.

Description: This music track is nothing but pure Christmas! Bells, guitar and strings create magical Christmas vibe, that is suitable for any holiday project, like commercial, presentaion, movie, etc. Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Description: Feel atmosphere of winter holidays with this beautiful music track. Bells, piano and strings make poisitive piece for Christmas projects, tv and radio advertisements, animations, presentations, vlogs. Happy holidays!

Description: Gentle laid back chamber music version of The Holly And The Ivy.Good Christmas background,underscore.