Description: This magical piece is especially suitable for kids and babies Christmas projects. The cheerful melody has a lot of bell sound as well as harp, strings, guitars, brass and synths. Good for cartoons, apps, commercials.

Description: Christmas music track that is created for projects abot winter vacations and summer fun. Atmospheric cheerful piece cretes festive positive mood. Created with bells, harp, strings, guitars, woods and synths, it will work well in cartoon, commercial, film trailer, app and many more.

Description: Beautiful calm music track with Christmas spirit. Magical piece makes you feel yourself in fairytale. This serene tune, featuring bells, e.piano, synths and drums will work well as a background for holiday video, commercial, vlog, podcast.

Description: What a miracle to have snowfall on Christmas day! Enjoy the atmosphere of holidays with this magical music track. The piece features bells, strings, guitars and synths and can be used in commercial, holiday video, app, podcast, film trailer and many more.

Description: Feel the magic of upcoming holidays with this nice music track! Created with bells, strings, guitars and piano, it can be a good background for your Christmas or New Year project. Works well with commercial, application, presentation, film trailer. Happy holidays!

Description: Candy cane is one of the symbols of Christmas. The sweet mint candy as well as this music track makes you think about holidays, family evenings and winter fun. Do not hesitate to use this wonderful tune if you need a background for Christmas video, commercial, application, presentation.

Description: Wonderful Christmas track that helps to emphasize the emotional component of projects like decorating Christmas tree, shopping for gifts, winter games of children. We used bells, strings, guitars and synths to create this atmospheric piece with holiday spirit. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Description: Romantic Christmas music track featuring bells, strings, guitars, synths and drums. Use the moment and kiss the person you love under mistletoe! The track is wonderful for holiday presentation, Christmas video, commercial.

Description: Playful,lively orchestral music for Christmas advertising,video,Youtube, Christmas commercials and corporate projects.

Description: Christmas Dreams is an inspiring and magical track with optimistic and positive energy. It`s about magic of the Christmas night and New Year, about hopes and dreams!