Description: Pretty, beautiful, warm & sweet musical box version of the traditional Christmas carol. 2 verses played on celeste & glockenspiel. Great for Xmas lullaby, Childrens nativity, Commercials. Main mix (2 verse) & short (1 verse) versions.

Description: Twinkling and bright medium tempo version of the well known Christmas carol. 30 sec commercial

Description: Impish and mischievous original Christmas 30sec commercial featuring light bells

Description: Bright and cheery uptempo version of the Christmas classic. 30 sec commercial

Description: Joyful, triumphant and wonderous original Christmas theme, featuring trumpet, strings, boys choir and bells. Various commercial length cuts and mixes available.

Description: Triumphant and jubilant original Christmas 30 sec commercial, featuring bells and choir, that builds to a cresendo