Description: A jazzy version of the classic, ""Jingle Bells"" like you've never heard before. Lots of energy and fun to lift your holiday spirits higher and higher. Great brushes and upright bass lay the foundation and piano and bells do the rest.

Description: A very rockin' rendition of Jingle Bells with loud guitars and heavy drums.

Description: An elegant holiday jazz track with piano, accordion, stand up bass and brushes.

Description: A pretty Christmas track with a great country feel to it. It will remind you of being in front of a fire watching snow fall out a window.

Description: A romantic Christmas track with soaring string melodies, glock, sleigh bells and tubular bells.

Description: A pretty holiday jazz track with nice comping guitar, flugal horn and piano.

Description: A fun Christmas track that will fit many projects. Complete with sleigh bells. Contemporary drums, bass and guitars.

Description: A romantic holiday jazz track with beautiful piano melodies and festive glock.

Description: A beautiful Christmas track with grand orchestration including strings, flutes, tubular bells and sleigh bells.

Description: An heartwarming version of this classic Christmas track featuring, harps, strings, flute, glockenspeil, double bass pizzicatos, and french horns.