Description: An upbeat and quirky original holiday track with a great pace and all the festive sound for the season.

Description: A very hip holiday jazz track with walkin' bass, piano, guitar, glock and brushes.

Description: A lite and quirky original holiday track with fun bells and synthesizers.

Description: A tranquil and very romantic Christmas track with alto sax, flutes, hand percussion, sleigh bells, tubular bells and choir pads.

Description: A rockin' Christmas track that has great guitars and upbeat drums. It will put some fun into the holidays.

Description: A cool holiday jazz track with great guitar and piano.

Description: A regal and elegant holiday track fully orchestrated with strings, flute, french horns, sleigh bells and tubular bells.

Description: Jingle Bells like you haven't heard before. A fun quirky arrangement with sleigh bells, retro organ and casio drums and percussion.

Description: An upbeat Christmas track with moving acoustic guitars, accordion melodies, sleigh bells and drums.

Description: A slow moving Christmas track with pretty acoustic guitar parts, sleigh bells and laid back drums.