Description: A joyful Christmas and holiday track with all the seasonal elements including tubular and sleigh bells.

Description: An orchestral version of this classic Christmas track featuring, harps, strings, cello, glockenspeil, double bass pizzicatos, sleigh bells and french horns.

Description: A bubbly and lite version of The First Noel.

Description: A traditional jazz interpretation of this famous Christmas song. It has cool swingin' drums and bass, vibes, bells and piano.

Description: A slow moving country/folk Christmas track with nice accordion melodies, acoustic guitars and sleigh bells.

Description: A fast moving Christmas track with picking acoustic guitars and harmonica. It is supported by upright bass, sleigh bells and brushes.

Description: A lite and bubbly holiday track with great pace and a happy vibe.

Description: A nice Christmas track evoking an upbeat and friendly feeling. Contemporary drum grooves and sleigh bells lead the way. Tubular bells are a nice addition to help transport you to the holiday season.

Description: A vintage ultra jazz version of this Christmas classic complete with jazz drums, upright bass, organ, bells and vibes.

Description: A pretty version of this classic Christmas track featuring flutes, french horns, harp, glockenspeil and double bass pizzicatos.