Description: This is a well know public domain standard for all festive and family or corporate function celebrations. It is used as a standard for the New Years Eve parties but can be used for any party. This version has a nostalgic and emotional French horn duet that gives the feeling of warmth that's full of sentiment with a proud and optimistic grand piano accompaniment that's sure to bring a tear to the eyes of more than a few! 96 bpm

Description: Fits for many projects, documentary,corporative,movies,web.

Description: Inspirational Christmas melody for advertising and all kinds of Christmas movies! Feel joy of Xmas!

Description: Rock n roll version of an old Russian New Year's song with lead synthesizer and dizzy electric guitar solo...

Description: New Year's thing with lead little bells...

Description: You just get straight into the New Year's fairy tale of your childhood with this simple and tender tune of little bells...

Description: Very beautiful Christmas music performed by "cello choir", pizzicato bass, bells and percussion.

Description: This is a very short gentle well known New Years Eve Song.It has a chamber feel.Ideal for relaxing in the chamber New Years Day. Also underscore cues.

Description: This is a very gentle short piano cello version of a well known New Years Song.Ideal for relaxing or background cues.

Description: Romantic composition reflecting the tender emotions and joy of a loving relationship during the Yuletide Holidays.