Description: Light positive version of Christmas song We Wish You a merry Christmas. She is very pleasant and unobtrusive. She performed acoustic instruments: classical Christmas the bells are fun to ring as if Santa flies to us on his sleigh. the Spirit of Christmas support positive ukulele strum, soft classical guitar, double bass. In development, you receive the festive they support the main melody and add grandeur. Add claps the rhythm. This music is perfect for background on holiday, in the store at the time Christmas shopping, greeting cards, Christmas videos. Music We Wish You a merry Christmas a wonderful backdrop to your Christmas holiday!

Description: Fun and Groovy version of the classic Christmas song “Jingle bells”. It takes the pop jazz band in swingova style. In this embodiment, together with Christmas bells lead singer of bright festive saxophone. In the background, cheerfully playing to the brass section. Kept a clear rhythm percussion, soft bass, loud claps. Fun jingle bells. The spirit of Christmas feels great and the arrangement holiday becomes even more fun. This music is suitable for any Christmas and on new years video or meropriatia: open holiday, fair, Christmas cards. Celebrate your Christmas with merry jingle bells!

Description: It’s time to do Christmas shopping! Bells are ringing, the clock is ticking time is getting less. the Christmas rush! You need to have time to buy everyone good joyful gifts. To our children and loved ones were happy. Let’s go to the shops and super-markets to do Christmas shopping! We ourselves become Santa and Christmas elves))) This music gives us a holiday mood. We have chustvuya that Christmas knocking on the door, and behind it the new year! In this composition of sound, holiday band, Christmas sleigh bells, wall clocks measure time, woodwinds like the cuckoo clocks singing: “Christmas is coming!” In the final percussion section enters and simulates the jump of the deer, Santa Claus with gifts for us and our children. This music would be excellent background in any supermarket, shop, where to buy gifts for Christmas and new year. It can be used as a musical greeting card on holiday for a slideshow. On the family the festival or slide show. Merry Christmas!

Description: Modern happy cover version for russian christmas tree song. Clapping ukulele and holyday bells create magic happy emotions.

Description: A dark dramatic orchestral score, featuring strings, brass, winds, percussion and a strange ghostly trilling string section. Spooky soundscape music perfect for horror, suspense or Halloween productions Can work very well for epic sounding trailers, drama series, video or radio themes.

Description: Mellow cool piano jazz trio seasonal holiday track. Sophisticated sounds for late night cocktails, secluded hideaway, distressing from the madness. For noir type film, TV, video or radio productions. Nice vibe for luxurious products adverts autos, high fashion, wine, five star hotels, vacations

Description: A superbly happy upbeat dance club remix of a Bach's famous cantata associated with the Christmas holiday season. Featuring strong synthesizer melodies and a powerful thick four on the floor drum and bass groove for maximum fun. Hot dance music, for cool nights, film, tv, radio, video, dance parties

Description: A happy upbeat dance club remix of a holiday song featuring strong synthesizer melodies and a powerful thick four on the floor groove for maximum fun fun fun. Hot dance music, for cool nights. A tightly constructed track for seasonal parties or for providing an underscore for film, tv, radio, video

Description: This is a music logo of Halloween, that helps to get an unforgettable sensation of meeting with at demons and monsters, variety of horror stories, pumpkins and frightening moments! The sound can be used in any Halloween media projects! It is perfect for web, menu, like jungle on a party, films intro or outro, intrance, interactive postcards, interactive congratulations, games, TV shoes, animation, cartoon, slide show and more!

Description: This is a wonderful, inspirational retro Christmas music, will create a good mood, atmosphere of happiness and celebration! This Christmas music is written in a retro style, that gives you a special emotions and feelings! Perfect for any Christmas media projects! Instruments: jingle bells, drums, electric guitars, mandolin, flute, background vocals.

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