Description: Dark and spooky track in my halloween series. Mainly for casual games. Loopable.

Description: Haunting Halloween ghost party featuring classic baroque harpsichord and pipe organ with graveyard sound effects. Perfect for setting spooky fun mood. Version available on-site without sound FX.

Description: Upbeat, spooky and fun, this horror themed track is fast paced with catchy melodies and a hint of retro horror music style. It has a great sense of urgency and classic horror instrumentation, it is ideal for Halloween style racing, action or adventure productions.

Description: “Trick Or Treat” is spooky halloween feeling feature a pop arrangement, organ, vibe and pad for the halloween day. This track fit for trailer, ghost, halloween project and come up with 4 versions for you to choose!

Description: Slow, lamenting lullaby style spooky piece with a haunting atmosphere. Conveying suspense and imminent frights, the melody is played on a celesta, with subtle strings underneath. Ominous, with a tense and eerie mood. Useful in a Halloween or horror production that needs a simple creepy style.

Description: Another scary-funny-woodoo loop in my Halloween series. :) Organ, harpichord, theremin. Wooooo! :) Mainly for games. Loopable.

Description: Medium paced spooky theme track, which hints at ghouls, gothic castles, suits of armour, and ghostly mayhem. Quirky and creepy, it builds in complexity towards a dramatic climax. This would be ideal for Halloween, skeletons, ghosts and monsters of all kinds, with a classic haunted and scary flavour.

Description: This is a quirky and eery track that is great for skeletons, ghouls, goblins, witches and other monsters dancing or playing. This haunted Halloween track has a spooky, scary and menacing feel that is dark and sinister.

Description: Spooky pipe organ instrumental music, perfect for any horror or Halloween project.

Description: Fast moving creepy theme track, full of suspense and dark undertones. The melody plays on a harpsichord, accompanied by strings, choir and percussion. The drama builds up and swoops to soaring heights, then glides back down to gently Rest In Peace at the end. Ideal for Halloween and horror projects.