Description: Creepy and captivating, this dark mood Lullaby melody features a solo boy vocal, celesta, and a symphonic orchestra. ideal for trailers, film scores, cinematic ghost stories projects, thrillers and video games.

Description: This is an orchestral track with harpsichord as the main instrument for a dark, sinister sound. There are also big powerful orchestral drums and cymbals, strings, string effects, and metal hits to further darken the sound. Would fit perfectly with a slightly humorous Halloween animation or intro to a film. I imagined a bunch of skeletons playing this in a big cathedral.

Description: Playful and and funny ghosts become alive at halloween night, sneaking up to peoples houses. Ideal for Halloween TV specials, trailers, games and any other funny sneaking visuals

Description: An orchestral track that mixes very playful melodies with sinister harmonies. This music is especially made for Halloween.

Description: Grandious, noughty and playfull orchestral dance track, especially for halloween. This track is ideal for dark comedy films, funny trailers, playful commercials and tv shows and video-games.

Description: Slow, lamenting lullaby style spooky piece with a haunting atmosphere. Conveying suspense and imminent frights, the melody is played on a celesta, with subtle strings underneath. Ominous, with a tense and eerie mood. Useful in a Halloween or horror production that needs a simple creepy style.

Description: Fast moving creepy theme track, full of suspense and dark undertones. The melody plays on a harpsichord, accompanied by strings, choir and percussion. The drama builds up and swoops to soaring heights, then glides back down to gently Rest In Peace at the end. Ideal for Halloween and horror projects.

Description: Medium paced spooky theme track, which hints at ghouls, gothic castles, suits of armour, and ghostly mayhem. Quirky and creepy, it builds in complexity towards a dramatic climax. This would be ideal for Halloween, skeletons, ghosts and monsters of all kinds, with a classic haunted and scary flavour.

Description: Sad and melancholic, this piano dark mood piano and strings melody will bring your project the right atmosphere that will help to emphasis your message with the emotions. This piece will bring your scary character the volume and depth that will make your project even richer. ideal for trailers, film scores, cinematic ghost stories projects and video games.

Description: Funny and Mysterious track for Halloween, cartoon, films, shows, TV, radio, animations, video, trailer, web, movie, advertising, games etc. Big orchestra, pizzicato strings, low brass, drums and some scary synthesizers! And remember to rate this track if you like it! Thank you)

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