Description: Mellow Bold Charming Childlike Dreamy Flowing Heartwarming

Description: Specialty, Light, Campy, Cheery, Positive, in a Happy mood, featuring Piano, Bass, Drums, with a Mid tempo

Description: Bold Charming Childlike Flowing Happy Mellow Heartwarming

Description: Simple Festive Happy Positive Fun Happy

Description: Festive Fun Happy Excited Exciting Energetic

Description: Festive Fun Excited Exciting Energetic Slower Tempo

Description: Specialty, Laid Back, Leisure, Campy, Sappy, in a Playful mood, featuring Piano, with a Slow tempo

Description: Christmas, Xmas-Standard, Jazz, Mellow, Laid Back, Bold, Nostalgic, Charming, Childlike, Confident, Pulsing, Determined, Dreamy, Expressive, Feel Good, Flowing, Traveling, Happy, in a Happy, Heartwarming mood, featuring Drums, Bass, Piano, Acoustic, with a Mid tempo

Description: Holidays, Holidays-Christmas, Festive, Fun, Happy, Excited, in a Exciting, Energetic mood, featuring Drums, Sleighbells, Sleigh Bells, Synth, with a Fast tempo

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