Description: A fun Christmas track that will fit many projects. Complete with sleigh bells, contemporary drums, bass and guitars.

Description: This is a positive and orchestral Christmas music. Ideal for a variety of Christmas projects, video, advertising, presentations, etc. This tune creates a magical Christmas vibe. Add some festive holiday, Hollywood magic to your Christmas project with this joyful and magical track that just screams Christmas!

Description: Lively, exotic Ukrainian / Eastern European folk dance track. Strings, horns, percussion. Varying tempo and degrees of intensity. Instrumental, East European, Ukraine

Description: A nice Christmas track evoking an upbeat and friendly feeling. Contemporary drum grooves and sleigh bells lead the way. Tubular bells are a nice addition to help transport you to the holiday season.

Description: A swingin' jazz version of Jingle Bells complete with jazzy drums, upright bass, organ and piano.

Description: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Description: A Christmas-themed version of the 16th-century Basse dance, with icy synth swashes and sleighbells.

Description: A pretty and sophisticated version of this classic Christmas track. Beautiful melodic upright bass anchors along with cymbals complimented by organ, piano, strings and bells.

Description: Simple acoustic guitars playing a classic arrangement. A little electric is used for background texture and the lead work is tasteful.

Description: A pretty version of this classic Christmas track featuring flutes, french horns, harp, glockenspiel and double bass pizzicatos.