Description: Upbeat Christmas, Jingle, bells, trumpet, glockenspiel

Description: Traditional Christmas carol done orchestrally with a rockin' surf guitar.

Description: Marry Christmas! The perfect tune for the best holiday of the year. Very positive and magical. You can feel the spirit of Christmas

Description: This light acoustic guitar and piano piece sets a more introspective Christmas mood. This piece is perfect when you need a holiday piece that hints of Christmas past but hope for the future.

Description: This upbeat pop Christmas piece creates a positive holiday atmosphere perfect for any advertisement or video. A modern uplifting pop sound with just a hint of Christmas. This track features delayed electric guitars, piano and jingle bells.

Description: If you're looking for some cool way to advertise your product or business this Christmas, you've come to the right place! "Christmas Advertising" is upbeat and full of energy and it's just what your project needs if you want a cool power boost while keeping the Christmas atmosphere! The track comes in standard advertising lenghts: the original 60 seconds version, two 30 seconds versions, a long loop, and 2 short loops!

Description: This is a positive, uplifting and inspiring Christmas music. Ideal for a variety of Christmas projects, video, advertising, presentations.

Description: Subtle piano accompanied by antique sleigh bells, pipe organ and strings play A/B pattern. Suggested to underscore happy, feel-good moments, nostalgic winter holiday scenes, traditional Christmas reunion of extended family a la Norman Rockwell and seasonal narration. Key of G

Description: Christmas is a holiday music xmas background that's sweet, joyful & simple. A cheerful original christmas carol featuring Ukulele, Bells, Chimes, piano, Jingle Bells & sleigh bells. This christmas music is uplifting, happy, bright and joyful and Merry. If you are looking for light soft original christmas carols this christmas instrumental is it.

Description: Beautiful, light-hearted approach to the classic “Silent Night”. Instrumental version with a fun guitar rhythm and delicate Christmas-style bells. Try this Latin Pop track for your Christmas productions!