Description: Jazzy big-band arrangement of the popular Christmas classic, capturing the festive season. Uplifting and fun!

Description: Original Christmas theme with catchy bell melody, lush synths and upbeat percussion/bass. Festive, childish and fun.

Description: Modern Pop/Hip Hop version of the popular christmas tune. Hip Hop groove with piano, bass and cool synths. Something new for your Christmas production?

Description: Popular Christmas classic with male choir, piano, strings and horns. Festive and jolly.

Description: uplifting big band jazz track with dynamic orchestration

Description: Uplifting Christmas-style track with happy-go-lucky feel

Description: Contemporary festive Christmas holiday track. Quirky arrangements and groovy beat.

Description: Lively version of Jingle Bells with full band. Energetic and fun!

Description: Lively, motivating arrangement of the popular Christmas classic

Description: Lively, quirky arrangement of the popular Christmas classic.

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