Description: A smooth yet funky Rhodes and electric guitar melody chopped and re-sampled made to sound like a 70's funky sample, booming low funky sub bass, 70's style cinematic strings, and banging swing style MPC boom-bap hip-hop drum programming / Think Action Bronson "Blue Chips 7000" with beats from The Alchemist and Harry Fraud

Description: A funky soulful motif melody chopped and re-played on the MPC made to sound like a sample, a big hero epic type lead melody played by strings and horns, 808 bass boom blended with low funky sub bass, ambient vocal stabs, and hard banging MPC swing style East Coast hip-hop drum programming / Think big anthem type Jay Z, Common, or Kanye West type hip-hop beat

Description: A smooth electric piano motif melody, a bright percussive lead synth hook melody, ambient distorted electric guitar fills, funky sub-808 bass, and banging swing style MPC alternative hip-hop drum programming / Think Eminem, Chance The Rapper, or The Worst Guys type funky, but deep hip-hop beat

Description: A James Bond style spy lead string melody, funky jazzy Rhodes chord stabs, smooth jazzy acoustic bass, B-3 organ chords, funky congas and Latin percussion, and driving alternative hip-hop drum programming / Think DJ Shadow, Run The Jewels, RJD2, Unkle, Or Mr Lif style alternative hip-hop type beat

Description: Two Rhodes super smooth chord patterns blended together, soulful B-3 organ chords, deep funky smooth sub bass, a really catchy lead moog synth melody, and laidback but banging West Coast hip-hop drum programming / Think Kendrick Lamar type smooth West Coast beat

Description: A fuzzy ambient synth chord pattern, ambient synth fills and hook melodies, smooth 808-sub bass, and laidback funky East Coast MPC swing style drum programming / Think Lupe Fiasco, J Cole, and Joey Badass type cool feel good hip-hop beat

Description: A thick layered powerful electro analog lead synth, panning vocal chants, lush angelic pads, deep sub bass, sci-fi risers, and detailed futuristic hip-hop drum programming / Think Missy Elliott, Pharrell Williams, and Timbaland type futuristic hip-hop beat

Description: A processed and re-sampled live grand piano motif melody, dirty jazzy acoustic bass, 808 bass drops, lo-fi analog synth fills, dark orchestral strings, and detailed dirty MPC East Coast swing style drum programming / Think Q-Tip and A Tribe Called Quest style East Coast Jazzy beat

Description: Backwards panning ambient Rhodes, smooth distorted electric bass guitar blended with 808 boom, remorseful strings, and thick layered classic East Coast MPC style hip-hop drums / This beat is dedicated to the great Prodigy of Mobb Deep. You will be missed!!

Description: Smooth Rhodes chords chopped, reversed, re-sampled, and re-played on the MPC, light arpeggiated synth riffs, lush ambient textures and pads, deep sub bass, hard rises, and powerful trap drums / Think Drake or French Montana type smooth ambient beat

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