Description: Soulful Hip-Hop instrumental that conveys a serious story to be told. This track has an early 90's hip-hop influence. Conscious rap. Useful for background in urban documentary films.

Description: Fun sounding Hip-Hop tune 80's style old school feel. Catchy piano melody with cow bell, funky bass line and turntable mixing. Useful for themes dealing with young kids, birthday parties, playgrounds, young love, family games, TV game shows, video games, online gaming, education, local ad spots. (short edit available)

Description: Retro boom-bap style hip-hop instrumental. Sounds like a sample with a beat pattern that swings. Nice background music for documentary, podcast, youtube or other media products. No samples to clear.

Description: Catchy urban hip-hop instrumental with dirty south influence includes gangsta organ, horns, synths, shakers, tom rolls and more. Gives a feeling of celebration or excitement.

Description: Gritty sounding Queensbridge, NY style hip-hop instrumental. Complete with eerie sounding chords with added turntable cracking sfx to give a "sampled" sound from an old record. This sound reflects hardcore rap from late 1990's to early 2000's in NYC. Sounds like Mobb Deep, Nas, 50-Cent

Description: Modern day Hip-Hop instrumental. Trendy vibe with a catchy flute melody for the chorus. Think celebration and good good times. In the spot light.

Description: Mid-tempo hip-hop instrumental with West Coast feel, piano, flutes, ambient pads, gangsta organ, booming 808 kick and funky bassline. Good for scenes that spark excitement or college kids partying. Chillout Club Jam, laidback urban themes or budding innercity romance. Sounds like Dr. Dre

Description: Hip-Hop production music. Very simple repetitive groove with a soulful old school feeling. Useful for background cue, music bed for documentary, podcast or television programming. (loop version available)

Description: Trendy Hip-Hop instrumental with horn section, upright bass, rolling hi-hats, snappy beats and percussion with a whistling melodic catchy hook. Useful for hip-hop anthem or media projects needing to add some "bounce" to their presentation. Young love or nightclub scene with dancers. Atlanta, GA. (seamless loop edit available)

Description: Fast paced hip-hop instrumental with string ensemble, beats and bass line. Music for themes related to urgent action, adrenaline, speed, dancing and more

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