Description: Hommage a Barikad, Au Revoir (Good Bye) C-Projects

Description: Da Hood with C-PROJECTS explain the life in the Hood and reppin' Carrefour-Feuilles and streets worldwide

Description: Nou Refe'l Anko, meaning, We Did it Again, carnival song and hiphop for large crowd

Description: Pa Ban'm Pwoblem means Don't Give me Problems, a relationship about to last, both couple are cheating on each other.

Description: Kiyes Ou Ye means Who is You, tell the world who you are and why you're here, your life story, your purpose

Description: Si Yo Vle (Haiti Carnaval) C-Projects Ft. Family Senci

Description: Pou'm Di'w M'ale means To Tell You Goodbye, Au Revoir song to tell your High School sweetheart that you are leaving in separate way due to life.

Description: Papa San Travay means Jobless Father, a single father has to find ways to feed his family, life is hard but has to bypass the hardship to take care of home

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