Description: this track is real laid back with some melodic middle eastern instrumentation, and heavy percussion undertones.

Description: this track carries alot of emotion, and it has a real inspirational quality to it.

Description: This track has an old school beat, with a new school feel

Description: this track has a real epic adventure / hip hop sound, with triumphant horns blowing as if it was war time in the magical land of camelot.

Description: This is real dramatic track, with a horror film musical vibe

Description: Gangster beat, dark, old school

Description: Formidable 96 bpm - (Formidable) (2:40) - Hip Hop/urban - This is an international track, middle eastern instrumentation, and middle eastern percussion, with flutes, sitar, synths, bass. The track would be an outstanding music bed for a hip ethnic oriented program, great for a TV show, MTV, VH1, or any reality TV show.

Description: This track has an 80's too short type bass line that makes it a gangsta beat, along with crowds efx, and some reverse vocal samples

Description: Big King Kong sound, big timpani drums, and dramatic strings

Description: This track has Asian styled, instruments. It uses Asian sounds to create it's dynamic. This track would go really well in hip dance scene, I.E., Tokyo, Japan.

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