Description: hip hop, rap, r&b, west coast, east coast, southern, club, nightclub, swagger, hot, party, cool, fun, fresh, poppin, hollywood, new york, girls, jay z, 50 cent, the game, weezy

Description: An Emotional Instrumental with beautiful piano,synths and orchestral strings.

Description: 'Sad Hip Hop Beat' sad hip hop beat with rhodes, piano, synth pad, synth lead, flute, bass, drum. good for background music, vocals, rappers, app, web, tv, radio, any your media projects.

Description: happy go lucky hip hop. you can't help but smile after hearing this.

Description: A bright and housy chill-out track that has a house trance influence contains lead creamy synth, dancing synth, fizzle synth, house trance synth, saw lead, acoustic guitar, chorus synth, mixed beats and cabasa. Fits with many types of romantic love projects and production, bright and dance production, teens love and much more.

Description: Hip-hop R&B song about a star trying to walking thru the club without everybody crowding and touching on her.

Description: Hip Hop Rap done in a retro and white male suburban style, with a catchy chorus and snappy, satirical, humorous, and very suggestive lyrics

Description: Orchestral string hits, low dubstep wobble bass, strong banging drums, crisp percussion, and a distorted electric rhodes melody line / think TV or Film cue that could work for many various scenes

Description: Hip-Hop West Coast. Catchy Moog keyboard riff. Dramatic strings.