Description: deadly smooth hip hop track.

Description: A Smooth & funky Piano Instrumental for background music or singers & rappers. A relaxed atmosphere for videos. Big and calm piano for a contemplative and passionate mood.Get your feelings out on this beat.

Description: vibrant, hip, celebratory instrumental that gives sense of visiting a fantastical locale such as monte carlo.

Description: 15 second royalty free hip hop and urban music cue, rap and urban background music for youtube videos.

Description: A synth driven quirky fun high energy track

Description: this track carries alot of emotion, and it has a real inspirational quality to it.

Description: An energetic track with excitement and innocence

Description: A summer vibe chilling instrumental. Nice pads, strings and acoustic guitar with a solid and groovy drum breakbeat. Very happy, fun beat to enjoy at the beach and under the sun.

Description: Da Hood with C-PROJECTS explain the life in the Hood and reppin' Carrefour-Feuilles and streets worldwide