Description: Urban Sci fi instrumental sounds like a futuristic space movie enjoy!

Description: Dramatic hip hop track sounds like a bad thing is about to take place. examples Tv shows: gangland,lock down, first 48

Description: A modern Hip Hop style composition . Can be used an multiple projects that require a smooth, elegant yet up tempo hip hop groove. This track can be part of platinum album, movie, commercial or any project that needs high quality Hip hop

Description: mid 2000s sound Jdilla experimantal sounds with awesome gigh frecuency synthy sounds. Sounds like ( jdilla , roots, flying lotus ).Adult swim bump type of sound.

Description: hip hop funk music.

Description: hip hop funk music.

Description: Pop trap bright inspirational composition with vocal samples. Enjoy.

Description: Life Lesson 101 is a laid back song teaching little lessons of life to the younger generation.