Description: Retro reggae with modern flair. Deep piano with an awesome bassline and xylophone hits take this one to the electric guitar hook.

Description: 90's Hip-Hop at it's best. Chopped piano with chants and string section keeps this one energetic.

Description: Modern hip-hop with old-school flair. Hard drums with string hits bring this one home with piano underlays and acoustic guitar.

Description: Old School Hip Hop. Natural drums. Hard bassline with electric guitar, voice chants, and synths.

Description: Drake type beat with ambient piano, soft drums and synths. Chimes and smooth bassline keep you moving to the horn embraced hook.

Description: Pop/crossover instrumental with horns, harp, guitar plucks and bouncy drums.

Description: Soft sounding hip-hop crossover beat with piano lead, strings, and synth sounds to give a serious feel.

Description: Fun simple beat. Bassline-driven with synth sounds.

Description: Mysteriously delayed piano with strings and a strong bassline. Hip-hop/pop crossover feel.

Description: Sad/Story-telling beats. Sad piano with a bouncy feel to the drums with a string section.