Description: Hip-hop music track with defined rhythm. Uplifting piece that can be a great background for a tv a radio show, commercial, project, connected with fashion and something cool. To make it perfect we used a lot of instruments like drums, synths, bass, guitars, e.piano, trumpet, vocals/harmonies, vocal samples and scratch. Enjoy!

Description: Bass heavy underground hip hop instrumental featuring acoustic guitar, bells, piano, and synth bass. Possible uses can range from full songs, atmospheric/reflective scenes.

Description: Epic powerful hip hop track. It bit can shake the whole block and motivate we do sports. the Sports exercises and music in the style of hip hop excellent socialst. Want to achieve goals, set new sports records in epic films to be a hero and a winner! the stronger comes with the hip hop track. In this track sound: scratch, epic violin, bright piano, tight bass that fills a synth, drum beat sets the rhythm of our sports exercises, acute pluck. The whole arrangement is active and dynamic in sports wrestling. She continuously leads us to the climax – the cherished victory. Next comes the emotional decline as a respite between exercises. Here sounds: soft piano, pads atmosfernye. And again a flood of energy! This epic hip hop suitable for any sportivnyh of exercises: training, competition, physical education and classes in sports hall. the Sport is movement and life!

Description: Themed East Coast / Freestyle hip hop instrumental featuring strings, acoustic piano, bells, and synths. Possible uses can range from songs, overhead/reflective scenes, etc.

Description: Smooth ambient electric keys, a melancholy and retrospective lead melody played by flute and analog synths, deep sub bass, and very detailed conscious hip-hop drum programming / Think Chance The Rapper or Eminem type reflective beat

Description: Heavy trap instrumental with deep bass and bouncy feel.

Description: A smooth ambient motif melody played by distorted piano and synths, lush chord pads, orchestral strings, deep sub bass, and detailed modern pop-trap drum programming / Think French Montana and Miguel type smooth ambient slow pop-trap beat

Description: A funky jazzy Rhodes chord riff, a happy feel good lead hook melody played by vibes, analog moog synth, and flutes, funky deep sub bass, and modern pop-trap drum programming / Think happy feel good modern pop-trap in the vein of Khalid "Young, Dumb, & Broke"

Description: A soulful Rhodes chord pattern chopped and re-played on the MPC made to sound like a sample, a smooth ambient female vocal adlib, lush cellos, a catchy silky smooth lead flute hook melody, deep sub bass, and laidback East Coast style MPC drum programming / Think Lauryn Hill, Cee Lo Green, Macklemore, Isaiah Rashad, or Talib Kewli type soulful ambient hip-hop beat

Description: Cinematic hip-hop track with classic style! Perfect for commercial, vlog and blog video on YouTube