Description: 808 Bass driven Beat with a huge low end and a catchy synth based 8 Bit Lead synth and many FXs to make it full. This instrumental goes for the club and swag rappers from all over the place that want to make everyone jump around.

Description: The snare will smack you across the face in this beat as the vocal samples make you think of old school soul. Simple, but bright and full of pent up energy, this track fits as an introduction to a video or radio show or as the background to a commercial.

Description: slow hardcore crunk type hiphop beat

Description: A urbanic dance track that featured by distorted synth electric guitar, ambient synth pads chords, chill synth, Fuzzy synth arp, pluckes synth, strings synth chords, sub bass, tambourine, triangle and mixed beats. This track is suitable for all types of mega urbanic dance background, dirty south, energetic advertisement, night parties, street grooves and much more.

Description: A rap instru reduced to fat beat, big bass and just the good things

Description: Hip hop track with solid urban/club beat and symphonic underscore that builds to a crescendo finish. Dramatic urban/hip hop track great for a high energy scene or trailer.

Description: this track carries alot of emotion, and it has a real inspirational quality to it.

Description: Funky alternative rap/hip-hop w/synth, electric guitar & bass

Description: An energetic track with excitement and innocence

Description: Dramatic chest beating hip-hop, fronted by MC Mover from the UK. A great soundtrack to basketball, football and motorsports. Would suit sports montages, basketball, football etc. Contemporary high-end production hip-hop featuring one of the most talented new up and coming artists in the world today. Male Vocals. Dramatic Hip Hop