Description: Funky alternative rap/hip-hop w/synth, electric guitar & bass

Description: This song started out as a simple riff on a Rhodes Keyboard and turned into what you hear. This is why I love creating music, I never know where it will take me!

Description: rap, hip hop, trap, gangsta, soul, urban

Description: Mellow alternative rap/hip-hop w/groovy beat & synth

Description: an ecletic mix of varying ethnic instruments,sounds. epic.

Description: Really sexy, a track for the ladies, and hot chicks

Description: Need a jumping track for your next project? This track has all the energy and elements you can use for you next scene or intro. Hard hip hop bounce, and jumpy. Thanks for purchasing!

Description: cinematic, glitch hop, street, b-boy, dj, mc, dre, doggy, urban, trap, rap, hip hop, soundtrack, theme

Description: spacey, poppy, hiphop beat, catchy melodies

Description: avant pop in 21/8 time featuring liz matta on vocals and sax.