Description: hip hop, rap, trap, urban, doggy, dre, mc, dj, b-boy, street, glitch hop, cinematic, soundtrack, theme

Description: Da Hood with C-PROJECTS explain the life in the Hood and reppin' Carrefour-Feuilles and streets worldwide

Description: Super strong synths with heavy feel and mysterious vibe.

Description: cinematic, glitch hop, street, b-boy, dj, mc, dre, doggy, urban, trap, rap, hip hop, soundtrack, theme

Description: Funky alternative rap/hip-hop w/synth, electric guitar & bass

Description: This song started out as a simple riff on a Rhodes Keyboard and turned into what you hear. This is why I love creating music, I never know where it will take me!

Description: rap, hip hop, trap, gangsta, soul, urban

Description: Mellow alternative rap/hip-hop w/groovy beat & synth

Description: an ecletic mix of varying ethnic instruments,sounds. epic.