Description: A panning keyboard / rhodes riff, ambient sound textures, smooth low analog bass guitar, and powerful MPC style drum programming / think DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, and Pete Rock / This track would work for any TV or Film that needed a mellow, thoughtful, of peaceful sound

Description: Low 808 bass sub, banging drums, 808 hat and snare, and techno / trance synth lines / think tiesto works with lil john

Description: Ambient synth chord stabs, a haunting ambient guitar melody, a delayed and processed Rhodes motif, deep sub bass, and detailed alternative / conscious hip-hop drum programming / Think DJ Shadow, Wiz Khalifa, or Run The Jewels type conscious hip-hop beat

Description: Rise synths, powerful kicks and snares, bright MPC swing style high-hats, 808 bass drops, 303 acid synth lines, and thick layered electro keyboard melodies / Think Lil John works with DJ Tiesto / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs strong driving hip hop-electro club music.

Description: A hard percussive synth stab, low analog electric bass, MPC style drums, congas, turntable cuts, and a bright bell synth melody. / Perfect cue for a film or TV show that needs funky 90's meets today style East Coast hip-hop.

Description: Crisp and punchy MPC style kicks & snares, deep analog bass, haunting choir chord pads, and ambient sound effects / Perfect cue for a TV show or film cue that needs 90's style east coast hip-hop

Description: Crunky drums, deep & dark chord pads, low bass, drum & bass half verse section & an electronic key riff in verse section / think sci-fi hip-hop

Description: Ambient trance hook melody, distorted rhodes chord stabs, delay synth notes, smooth analog synth bass, lush ambient chord pads, bright percussion, and smooth MPC style drum machines / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs smooth and calm laidback hip-hop.

Description: Banging MPC style swing drums, funky percussion, smooth low moog synth bass, rhodes chord patterns, B-3 organ stabs, classic west coast lead synth melody, flute fills, and old-school drum loops / Perfect cue for a film or TV show that needs classic 90's West Coast Hip-Hop with today's power.

Description: Very unique watery kick-snares-percussion, live hats, smooth electric guitar and rhodes riffs, smooth low sub bass, jazz piano fills, and ambient synth riffs / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs smooth jazzy hip-hop with a touch of modern reggae.