Description: Crisp and punchy MPC style kicks & snares, deep analog bass, haunting choir chord pads, and ambient sound effects / Perfect cue for a TV show or film cue that needs 90's style east coast hip-hop

Description: Crunky drums, deep & dark chord pads, low bass, drum & bass half verse section & an electronic key riff in verse section / think sci-fi hip-hop

Description: Ambient trance hook melody, distorted rhodes chord stabs, delay synth notes, smooth analog synth bass, lush ambient chord pads, bright percussion, and smooth MPC style drum machines / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs smooth and calm laidback hip-hop.

Description: Banging MPC style swing drums, funky percussion, smooth low moog synth bass, rhodes chord patterns, B-3 organ stabs, classic west coast lead synth melody, flute fills, and old-school drum loops / Perfect cue for a film or TV show that needs classic 90's West Coast Hip-Hop with today's power.

Description: Very unique watery kick-snares-percussion, live hats, smooth electric guitar and rhodes riffs, smooth low sub bass, jazz piano fills, and ambient synth riffs / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs smooth jazzy hip-hop with a touch of modern reggae.

Description: Banging MPC drums, 808 snare fills, 808 bass boom, smooth low sub bass, rich and lush acoustic guitar and string hook melody, sharp string fills, and ambient sound effects / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs deep conscious hip-hop with a great melody.

Description: A funky rhodes chord pattern, a reverse rhodes chord pattern, acoustic guitar strums, a clean electric guitar fill, warm analog synth bass, low sub bass, 808 bass drops, a bouncey keyboard lead, and power swinging MPC style drums / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs funky swinging hip-hop.

Description: Funky MPC swing drum machines, acoustic bass, panning electric guitar stabs, analog synth stabs, B-3 organ, and a west coast gansta synth lead / Think 90's West Coast hip-hop meets todays top 40 pop / Perfect cue for any Film or TV show that needs 90's West Coast hip-hop with a modern touch

Description: 808 snare fills, 808 high-hats, sub bass, banging drums, crisp bells, lush choir pads, and a trance synth lead / Think down south-ATL / This would work for a MTV, VH1, or BET cue

Description: Low thumping drums, 808 snare fills, an ambient drum loop, a distorted keyboard riff, a choir string line, pretty rhodes chord patterens, low sub bass drops, and warm bass guitar. Think Organized Noize style production.