Description: Big sounding instrumental, emotional

Description: Hip-Hop, Urban, Dance, Dark, Menacing, Snoop, Evil, Hostile, Intimidating, Action, Haunting, Drama, Club, Gangster, Gangsta, Revenge, Retribution, Danger

Description: Rock Guitar Confident Electric Energetic Powerful Laid Back

Description: urban, hip-hop, horns, strings, pizzacato, party, reflective, Adventure, Confident, Discovery, Traveling, Romantic, Happy, Drama Light, Fantasy, Hopeful

Description: Banging drums, bright percussion, low electric bass, powerful lead keyboard riff, high-end bell melody, and sound fx synths / think driving in the car laid back summer time hip-hop

Description: Modern heavy Trap style Hip hop beat with deep sub-bass, brass elements, frantic snare and high hat rolls.

Description: hip hop, rap, electro, electronic, trap, gangsta, experimental, dirty south

Description: Soft, relaxing and atmospheric hip-hop track with a chill lounge mood. Ideal for fashion advertising, smoke tricks video, urban fashion commercial, street video, vlog background, vape advertising, vapers video, commercial video, sensual commercial video, travel and more.

Description: Very dynamic electronic instrumental sounds with modern breakdown, and the main theme. Perfect for extreme and outdoor sports. It goes well with video games, reviews of high-tech products, and the movie about fast and powerful vehicles.