Description: Big banging drums, low sub bass, funky live drum loops, powerful techno keyboard stabs, and bright percussion. Think si-fi dirty south

Description: Acoustic guitar strums, deep bass guitar, trance & choir keyboard melodies, a rhodes sample, and banging drums / think Jermaine Dupri works with Organized Noize

Description: Dark, mysterious Hip Hop track with solid groove and trippy synths.

Description: gutiar base hip-hop instrumentals ...have a wild west feel..

Description: Bangin' Hip Hop track with a real Urban street vibe!

Description: Instrumental trap music, perfect for video about cars, vlog.

Description: Thick layered analog moog synth leads and chord stabs, lush chord pads, smooth 808 bass, and detailed trap drum programming / Think Bryson Tiller x Tory Lanez type beat

Description: A groovy-driving hook laden fat hip hop cue. Ill bet you dinner youre humming this one while waiting in line for that $7 latte.

Description: Low sub bass, 808 bass drops, 808 kicks and snare, rolling high-hats, spacey sound effects, vocal stabs, bright percussion, and thick layered trance style synth melodies / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs strong bass heavy dirty south style hip-hop with a si-fi touch.