Description: Soft, relaxing and atmospheric hip-hop track with a chill lounge mood. Ideal for fashion advertising, smoke tricks video, urban fashion commercial, street video, vlog background, vape advertising, vapers video, commercial video, sensual commercial video, travel and more.

Description: Very dynamic electronic instrumental sounds with modern breakdown, and the main theme. Perfect for extreme and outdoor sports. It goes well with video games, reviews of high-tech products, and the movie about fast and powerful vehicles.

Description: Modern, energetic, background, hip-hop track with warm chords, deep drums, light organ piano, modern bass vibe. Perfect for you Media.

Description: A jazzed out, old school style beat with a new school production style

Description: Distorted electric bass guitar, horror movie strings, a panning hook piano melody, ambient sound fx, and MPC drum machines with swing / Think El-P, DJ Shadow, The Dust Brothers, and Beastie Boys / Perfect cue for a film or TV show that needs strong driving underground hip-hop.

Description: Urban Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Old School, Hip Hop

Description: Strong keyboard stabs and lead melody, banging drums, spacey sound effects, and panning wah guitar / think Mr. Collipark style production / Pefect for a club or dance scene in a Film or TV cue

Description: 80's style keyboard melody, smooth bass, laid back drums, acoutic guitar, & strings / think peaceful and thoughtful

Description: The urban cowboy rides. There's a new sheriff in town! String plucks, guitar and a funky synth.

Description: funky hip hop 1/2 track with electronic bass