Description: a hip-hop hardcore track with a female vocal.

Description: It is a musical sequence of a soft electronic style.With a leisurely pace but absorbs you.Start with just a bass and percussion and part goes where it enters a little guitar

Description: A dark and menacing hip-hop bed with heavy guitars and a big bell!

Description: celebratory, triumphant track has victorius feel to it. uses coliseum horns over stirring drums.

Description: Urban hip hop, suitable for lots of different projects, great production, lots of fun with innovative effects. Instrumental versions are also available, strong US rap music with top production values, this was recorded during a trip to the the US recently, great vocal performace. Multiple versions available. Intricate cut ups and stylish scratching. Please check out my other Hip Hop tracks if you enjoy this one.

Description: Do yo dance is a fun song for all ages