Description: cinematic, glitch hop, street, b-boy, dj, mc, dre, doggy, urban, trap, rap, hip hop, soundtrack, theme

Description: Catchy hip-hop music track. Groovy and stylish, it creates atmosphere of luxury and high living. Featuring drums, guitar, bass, synthesizer. Feel free to use this track in commercials, videos about fashion, beauty and luxurious lifestyle.

Description: Charli XCX or Iggy Azalea Pop/Hip Hop style beat that makes you feel you were back in High School having fun, drinking, & partying with friends.

Description: A Hard pounding west coast hip hop cue great for any media.

Description: A cool Hick Hop cue great for any media.

Description: Super funky old school nineties RandB influenced hip-hop soul which sounds like NWA and Will Smith meeting James Brown. Cool, Funky and Retro and very 90's. With vocal hooks, scratches, sampled beats and all the hallmarks of the classic era of hip-hop and Rap.

Description: From the streets of NYC, a funky beat, a funky piano, and a cool groove make your head nod... without being overbearing.