Description: A Nice Boom Bap Hip Hop cue great for any media.

Description: Beutifull Hip-Hop instrumental for your project

Description: Upbeat and determined with synthetic elements mixed with Asian elements and an urban groove create a driving and optimistic mood.

Description: Hard rap instrumental with strings

Description: This is the theme song in the style of hip hop. Music combines funk guitar, orchestral sound, scratch, street beats. Perfect for scoring videos, commercials, web and other applications.

Description: A modern Hip Hop beat with synths,bells and vintage drums.

Description: A delicious blues-rock influenced hip hop that is very upbeat and hard to ignore. Recorded with real guitar and bass and with a touch of warm tape.

Description: This is the kind of music you would hear in a boxing match or a fight. Great for a YouTube video introduction. Thank you for listening, and thank you if you decide to purchase!

Description: This track perfect for advertisment, motivational and sport video.

Description: Perfect for commercial projects and presentations, promos, trailers. Creates a feeling of winning and achievement. Two versions: Full: 3:37 Short: 1:32