Description: This is Track #4 from a series of 10 Raw Hip Hop tracks-contains a raw 808 drum groove over acoustics,the focus is drum pattern groove changes.

Description: This is track 10 from my special Freebeats collection. Track starts with open distinct sounds into an interesting euro groove or slow it down for a Hip Hop groove.

Description: This is track 6 from my special Freebeats collection. Slow this down and you got a Hiphop groove. Speed it up you got a dance groove,up to you!

Description: This is track 18 from my special collection. A hiphop loop with glitch sounds.

Description: This is track 10 from my special loop collection Funky drums and bass with a sexy feel.

Description: This is track 12 from my special loop collection. A big sustained bassed decimal loop with various glitches

Description: old school style instrumental grooves and breaks that cut into each other cut up style just like the old days

Description: smooth hip hop flavored track,vocoder"you live in a different world" live acoustic and electric guitars over a funky classic hip hop beat.