Description: A smooth Rhodes chord pattern, a sexy smooth thick layered lead hook melody played by vibes, synth bells, and moog synth, deep 808-sub bass, and hard hitting modern trap soul-urban drum programming / Think Future "Pie" Ft Chris Brown type beat

Description: Backwards panning ambient Rhodes, smooth distorted electric bass guitar blended with 808 boom, remorseful strings, and thick layered classic East Coast MPC style hip-hop drums / This beat is dedicated to the great Prodigy of Mobb Deep. You will be missed!!

Description: Funky synths, horns, pianos, Rhodes, and vocals all original chopped and re-sampled to give that classic East Coast feel, booming 808-sub bass, and hard MPC swing style East Coast drum programming

Description: Ambient synth chord stabs, a haunting ambient guitar melody, a delayed and processed Rhodes motif, deep sub bass, and detailed alternative / conscious hip-hop drum programming / Think DJ Shadow, Wiz Khalifa, or Run The Jewels type conscious hip-hop beat

Description: Smooth Rhodes chords chopped, reversed, re-sampled, and re-played on the MPC, light arpeggiated synth riffs, lush ambient textures and pads, deep sub bass, hard rises, and powerful trap drums / Think Drake or French Montana type smooth ambient beat

Description: A ambient chord pad chopped and replayed on the MPC, a smooth Rhodes chord pattern, a thick layered moog lead synth melody, deep sub bass, and funky, but deep conscious hip-hop drum programming

Description: Thick layered analog moog synth leads and chord stabs, lush chord pads, smooth 808 bass, and detailed trap drum programming / Think Bryson Tiller x Tory Lanez type beat

Description: Funky Indian sitar, a jazzy solo trumpet riff, 808 bass drops, deep and funky dubstep bass, spacey rises, funky ethnic percussion, turntable cuts, and banging East Coast style hip-hp drum programming

Description: Smooth grand piano lead chords and melody, analog moog synth fills, panning vocal chants, booming 808 bass, and funky smooth East Coast style drum programming / Think Wale "Fashion Week" Ft G-Eazy type beat

Description: Fuzzy ambient pads, thick layered bouncy analog lead synths, percussive vibes chord stabs, deep 808 sub bass, and detailed modern hip-hop-trap drum programming / Think Wale "Running Back" Ft Lil Wayne feel good hip-hop pop type beat