Description: A hard ambient lead arp synth, deep sub bass, panning haunting angelic vocal stabs, and detailed banging new school hip-hop drum programming / Think B.O.B., Mac Miller, or Joey Badass type hard new school beat

Description: Deep ambient piano motif melody played and pitched down, panning ambient synth pads and textures, round thick sub bass, and very detailed conscious hip-hop drum programming

Description: A smooth ethnic flute lead melody, lush jazzy Rhodes chords, deep sub bass, light orchestral strings, and smooth funky old-school hip-hop drums.

Description: A hard metal guitar riff played, chopped, and re-sampled on the MPC, cinematic dark choir vocal pads, hard dubstep effects synths, ambient glassy delayed synth stabs, deep sub bass, orchestral percussion and deep impact drums, and a blend of rock, hip-hop, and trap drum programming

Description: Panning ambient textures, vocal adlibs, spacey risers, a very hooky lead melody played by thick layered analog moog synths, smooth wah guitar chords, deep funky sub bass, and swinging West Coast style MPC drum programming / Think Schoolboy Q, Mack 10, or The Game type feel good laidback, but funky West Coast beat

Description: Chopped ambient synth textures, smooth jazzy piano chords, funky smooth electric bass guitar, electric guitar fills, dreamy arp synth stabs, ethnic percussion, and detailed underground East Coast style MPC drum programming / Think Immortal Technique or Tech N9ne type underground beat

Description: Funky organ, strings, vocals, and synth stabs chopped and re-played on the MPC made to sound like a sample, a psychedelic analog synth lead melody, funky live electric bass guitar blended with 808 bass boom, and banging swing MPC style East Coast drum programming / Think Joey Bada$$, Joyner Lucas, or Jay Z style banging East Coast hip-hop beat

Description: Angelic vocal choirs, a reflective lead percussive synth melody, a haunting distant ambient piano, deep sub bass, and hard banging East Coast hip-hop drum programming / Think a reflective type B.o.B hip-hop beat

Description: Funky analog synth fills, a very catchy lead analog synth melody, powerful string and brass counter melodies, funky deep sub bass and 808s, smooth jazzy Rhodes chords, and funky detailed modern pop-urban-trap drum programming / Think upbeat style instrumental that would be used on Empire TV show

Description: A sexy distorted electric guitar hook melody, smooth jazzy Rhodes chords, deep funky sub bass, and laidback banging detailed Southern hip-hop drum programming / Think classic Organized Noize type live hip-hop beats made for OutKast or CeeLo Green