Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. Pop music with mellow piano, guitar and strings. It's an easy, relaxing track with a rather slow tempo, expresses a good mood, time of joy and happiness, with a bit of nostalgie. Рleasant recollection of romantic or vacation time.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. This is hip-hop with nice intense low-frequency bass and dense rythm. Here you find confidence, promising situation, fashionable party, decisive and hopeful moment, gladdness because of better job, new prospects.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. Hip-hop music with a mild xylophone-like instrument, synth sharp sounds and strings, a soft beat. It expresses a hardish situation, with some tension, strained thoughts, uncertainty in relations, not a good day.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. A dance and pop track with a bouncing rythm and synths. Elements of latin music style, perky lively piano chords and percussions, brass synths and piano. The music expresses suspicious and insecure criminal atmosphere, a need to hide away, pursuing the criminals and tracing them casinos, restaurants, urban territories and other places.

Description: A hip-hop track with powerful beats, bright piano, synth vocals, dense synth pads, distortion. The music expressing relief after hard times, great achievements after a long work, a deserved freedom, rejoyce of liberation, victory at last, fateful eve.

Description: A techno track with powerful bouncing beat and synth bass, acid sounds and acoustic guitar insertions, fashionable and energetic sound. This music expresses a successful day, meeting good people, new love, new feelings, great plans for the future.

Description: A hip-hop track with boosted drum and low bass, soft synths, mellow bell sounds and guitar. The track expresses a rest after a hard work, meeting with friends in the evening, thoughts about everyday life.

Description: A hip-hop track with synths, electric piano, organ and guitarlike sound and rap voice insertions. This music evokes thought about everyday life in a city, work in an office and free time day by day.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. A hip-hop track with synth bass, synth strings, piano and energetic drum fills. The mood of the composition is serious, tense, suspicious events, dangerous situation, chase, no one to trust, trying to evade something.

Description: A hip-hop track combined with some pop, includes modern piano chords, melodic synths and distinct simple beat. This music expresses nice leisure time, absence of any strain and working, a pleasant morning and premonition of a great day with new impressions and inpirations.