Description: Thick layered string and synth chord pads, an ambient Rhodes and texture melody chopped and made to sound like a sample, 808 boom blended with distorted 808 sub bass, a smooth rock style distorted electric guitar lead hook melody, trap high-hats, and detailed East Coast MPC hip-hop drum programming

Description: A smooth lead arpeggiated synth melody, lush fuzzy synth chord pads, a ambient reverberated vocal stab, distant ambient piano melodies, deep 808 sub bass, and very detailed conscious-modern urban hip-hop drum programming

Description: Uplifting track in a positive mood. It features saxophone, piano and synths. Good for urban video.

Description: background instrumental track good to be used for Rapper,background for film or video,blogs,

Description: A ambient string-brass chord pad chopped on the MPC made to sound like a sample, orchestral string swells, booming 808 basses, and thick layered very detailed New School hip-hop / trap drum programming

Description: Energizing, inspiring, motivating and very exciting hip-hop/rap instrumental with positive mood. This high energy, catchy, uplifting and addictive track contains very strong kick and snare drums, triumphant strings section, metal percussion, wobble bass, dj scratch, hits, awesome synths, gated pads, arpeggios and cool sound effects. Perfectly suitable for rap music, action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video projects, websites, background music, presentations, commercials, soundtracks, motion graphics, podcasts and more. I hope you like it.

Description: A smooth electric keyboard melody made to sound like a sample, orchestral strings and percussion, low 808 sub bass, and very detailed MPC alternative hip-hop drum programming

Description: A pumping and uplifting dance track featuring acoustic guitars and a catchy synth hook. Fool of positive harmonies and good vibes. Suitable for fashion shows, travel videos, product presentations and lifestyle related content.

Description: An urban hip hop beat tune with a catchy bass and jumpy synth. Delivers the feeling of something, fresh and changing. Good for explainer videos, commercials and corporate videos. City life footage. This electronic track will also fit in in tech videos and short technological presentations.

Description: A chopped vocal and smooth melody loop made to sound like a sample, smooth Rhodes chords, orchestral violins and violas, orchestral percussion, and thick layered East Coast / alternative MPC style hip-hop drum programming