Description: Hip Hop instrumental. Playful. Whistle synth sound melody.

Description: Urban slow hip hop song with vocals

Description: This dark and dramatic trap music is a combination of power and intensity. The bold beat combines with popular elements like the haunting bell, hypnotic synths, and orchestral elements to make this music a real beast. This music works great with a wide variety of projects including action, sports, club, television, and more.

Description: Cheerful Hip Hop is a happy, uplifting and playful piece of music with hip hop beat, strings, hand clapping, keyboard, synthesizer, bass and drums.

Description: Underground hip-hop tune for your songs.

Description: action, intrigue, soft synth melody, low chant choir, heavy electric guitar, slow moving drum groove

Description: Bright and breezy featuring melodic acoustic guitar and a light drum loop groove create a happy and satisfied mood.

Description: Laidback and mellow with electronic elements, horn hits and an urban groove creates a mysterious and bold mood in the style of Old School Hip Hop.

Description: East Coast Hip Hop instrumental featuring pianos, strings, and guitars. Possible uses can range from songs, chill scenes, web videos, trailers, etc.

Description: The 23 boys repin kids this is a must have song