Description: A hip-hop track with powerful beats, bright piano, synth vocals, dense synth pads, distortion. The music expressing relief after hard times, great achievements after a long work, a deserved freedom, rejoyce of liberation, victory at last, fateful eve.

Description: This beat is a hard/tough hiphop beat for a rapper like lloyd banks.

Description: This track has a really space aged sound, with active synths, and a heavy saw bass synth, dramatic blast hit, and space aged sound effects. Sounds like the Neptunes, and it would be great for an Sci-Fi film, or television show.

Description: West coast gangsta boogie, lots of life

Description: rock meets hip hop.

Description: A smooth bassy hip hop beat with lovely bells, a discrete high hat, and predictable feel that you could swear you've heard somewhere before!

Description: east coast club banger to hype up the mood.

Description: Dark alternative rap/hip-hop w/synth