Description: This is a track representing the loneliness of sitting by yourself and staring out the window as the rain pours down and you think about your life and where it went wrong. It's also the perfect backdrop for any rapper who has a story to tell, especially a sad or serious one. Even so, the tight, bouncy drums still manage to get inside your head and make you move as the pianos, bass and synth make you think and feel.

Description: Bouncy and determined with electronic elements, acoustic piano and an urban groove creates a dark and bold mood.

Description: Bold and determined with synthetic elements mixed with ethnic percussion and an urban groove create a dark and confident mood.

Description: Flanged hip hop drums and a gamelan are the primary features in this downtempo, alternative hip hop track. If you like DJ Krush you'll like this. Made with plenty of space to leave room for your final use, whatever that may be.

Description: Old skool gangsta hardcore bad ass jam. Hard driving, head bopin' and tough!

Description: step up to the challange as this beat sets the mood.

Description: Themed West Coast Hip Hop instrumental featuring leads and synths. Possible uses can range from cruising scenes, commercials, web videos, trailers, etc.

Description: Dark Underground instrumental featuring strings, piano, and bells.Possible uses can range from dark themes, web videos, down scenes, etc.

Description: Lil Jon style synths on a club rap beat

Description: Crazy guitars on a heavy bass and clap backdrop