Description: The EDM track in the style Drop Trap style. Very atmospheric.

Description: 808. Trap. Deep and Groovy.

Description: I represent to your attention of experimental hip-hop. Deep and Groovy. 808. Trap.

Description: Provide You with a track full of atmospheric sound. The low bass. Loud pipes on the chorus.

Description: Powerful hip-hop composition, immersed in a dark reality.

Description: Uptempo Dance Groove, About A Girl/Woman Whose Tried To All Of The Things She Can, To Make Her Guy Happy, But He Doesn't Really Show Her, That He Appreciates The Things She Does. Now She Tired Of Putting Up With Him, And Is Expressing Happiness About Getting Him Out Of Her Life!

Description: Very emotional melodic hip-hop. Groove drums, cool piano solo, electric guitar lead FX. Excellent dynamic mixing. Music is a little sad but really light and beautiful. Acoustic guitar.

Description: Fast paced hip-hop instrumental with string ensemble, beats and bass line. Music for themes related to urgent action, adrenaline, speed, dancing and more

Description: Epic, motivational hip hop track. Great for your movie, timelapse or any kind of project! Thank you for listening!

Description: No Limits is a very intense, dark and aggressive trap style instrumental. The beat contains 808 sub-bass kick drums, bells, fast hi hats, claps, synthetic brass, strings, arpeggios, leads, toms, sound effects and cool synths. I hope you like it.