Description: club type, radio hit hiphop instrumental

Description: Poppy hiphop instrumental with catchy synth leads

Description: Catchy Club type hiphop instrumental

Description: Uptempo Tyga like club instrumental

Description: Catchy Tyga-like club hiphop instrumental: think Rack City

Description: Hardcore choir, synth and horn hiphop instrumental, think overcoming obstacles.

Description: Hardcore hiphop instrumental

Description: "Stuck In the Moment" is a high energy track with a catchy hook that will immediately attract listeners. Perfect for any action scenes like car chases and fights, and good for scenes with parties. This energetic track will also fit well with anything sports related as it will get viewers hyped up for a game. The song's lyrics are about overcoming obstacles and chasing your dream.

Description: "Stuck In The Moment" is a highly energetic track with a catchy hook that attracts the listener. Can be used well with any action scene such as car chases or fights, as well as party scenes. Also has a good fit for sports related media as it gets the viewer hyped up.

Description: "My Dream" is a groovy and funky west coast type song with a catchy hook. It resembles Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's style of beats/songs with that funky flavor. Good for a party scene or a riding around track, as it has a cool summer vibe to it. Lyrics are about chasing your dreams and working hard for your future, very inspirational.