Description: A naughty boy hip hop and rap music track.A classic piece of Hip Hop and Rap music, perfect for budding rappers, ideal as a beat to rap to, or as a backing hip hop instrumental beat.

Description: A scary and haunted rapper! A scary and tense piece of horror music, perfect for horror films, thriller TV shows, scary computer games, and much more! Tension building, suspenseful and mysterious, great for dark and twisted visual scenes.

Description: A funky piece of funk music with funk keyboards, funky drums and funk bass lines! Mixed to move you!

Description: A club opens up in East London and pumps out its own brand of East London Hip Hop! Hip hop synth, hip hop bass lines and hip hop drums!

Description: The perfect piece of Hip Hop music to drive to! Blending elements of Rap, Hip Hop, and gangsters! Perfect for Hip Hop culture, or as a rap instrumental. Hip Hop sounds, rap melodies, and Hip Hop synths all blend together for the perfect Hip Hop / Rap urban track!

Description: A dark hip hop beat kicks into like on the streets of New York! Full of classic hip hop sounds, hip hop synths, rap sounds, and rap urban beats. Great for youth culture, graffitti, street crime, and gansters hustling!

Description: A dirty urban ganster! Great for urban streets, deadly hip hop gangs, and street gang culture for hip hop and rap music!

Description: A romantic love and romance piece of music, perfect for evoking the feeling of memories of old, or days gone by.

Description: A cool piece of urban hip hop, full of hip hop melodies, urban synths and cool rapping hooks! A great piece of urban hip hop music to represent gangsters from the streets!

Description: Cool sweeping hip hop synths. Slick, modern, upbeat, uptempo and digital sounds! Full of cool electric synths, synth melodys, keyboards, and digital audio. Great for modern computer businesses, and hi tech digital app technology videos.