Description: this track is real laid back with some melodic middle eastern instrumentation, and heavy percussion undertones.

Description: This track is all about drama and action. It could provide a powerful backdrop for any rapper who wants to feel like they have a whole orchestra and choir behind them. Introduce your crew of heroes with this track and let it set the scene as their feats of skill are displayed. The deep horns, sad pianos and choir vocals and epic drums and strings will keep you on the edge of your seat with this one.

Description: Old school hip hop beat with some crazy "ad" sound effect.

Description: hip hop, urban, orchestral, loop, beat.

Description: You could definitely say this beat was different. Simple yet catchy, this guitar riff would be right at home in an old time spy movie or a modern urban circus. The drums give it strength and some chords are thrown in for extra color. Try this one as background music for a reality show where someone is up to no good.

Description: hip hop track using dark brass. perfect for tv.

Description: a vibe that reminds you of the peace of the sunday morning.