Description: Tension - Tense, Dramatic, Urban, Modern, Angry

Description: This bouncy Hip Hop beat combines perfect the flair of the golden 90ies with a modern sound design.

Description: Hip-Hop production music. Very simple repetitive groove with a soulful old school feeling. Useful for background cue, music bed for documentary, podcast or television programming. (full version available)

Description: A rap instru reduced to fat beat, big bass and just the good things

Description: Calm melancholy track. A little dreamy, more with a sad mood. Used rap drums, distant violins, sad bells with little distortion.

Description: old school hip-hop track with breakbeat, funk guitar and bass.

Description: Soft, relaxing and atmospheric hip-hop track with a chill lounge mood. Ideal for fashion advertising, smoke tricks video, urban fashion commercial, street video, vlog background, vape advertising, vapers video, commercial video, sensual commercial video, travel and more.