Description: How I Got Over is an upbeat tale of bravado and urban heroism. This is the street soldiers anthem.

Description: One Thing Or Another-Have you ever had a day where nothing went right and you just wanted to walk away from everything? Well, this is the song for that day.

Description: Maintain And Live Long is a laid back song about an artist just living his life and rolling with the punches. Sometimes we just ride to this one.

Description: We Never Stop is a very powerful and moving song. This song is one of perseverance, hope, will and hunger. This could easily be a theme song for a movie or generation.

Description: Dumb is a laid back humorous song detailing some of the dumb things that different people do. Dum-de-dum-dum-dum.

Description: This track has an 80's too short type bass line that makes it a gangsta beat, along with crowds efx, and some reverse vocal samples

Description: Big King Kong sound, big timpani drums, and dramatic strings

Description: This track has an old school beat, with a new school feel

Description: A smooth,edgy,and hip instrumental originally created for a breakfast cereal.

Description: Fun sounding hip-hop tune 80's style old school feel. Catchy piano melody with cow bell, funky bass line and turntable mixing. Useful for themes dealing with young kids, birthday parties, playgrounds, young love, family games, TV game shows, video games, online gaming, education, local ad spots. (full edit available)