Description: old school hip-hop track with breakbeat, funk guitar and bass.

Description: old school hip-hop track with breakbeat, slap bass, electric piano.

Description: Urban, Automated, Edgy, Pensive, Mysterious, Menacing, Ominous, Dark, Urban, in a Mysterious, Playful mood, featuring Keyboard, Bass, Drums, Machine, with a Mid tempo

Description: Old school hip hop vibe from down south

Description: A rap instru reduced to fat beat, big bass and just the good things

Description: This is short hip hop loop. Can be used at any short production.

Description: This bouncy Hip Hop beat combines perfect the flair of the golden 90ies with a modern sound design.

Description: Super funky old school nineties RandB influenced hip-hop soul which sounds like NWA and Will Smith meeting James Brown. Cool, Funky and Retro and very 90's. With vocal hooks, scratches, sampled beats and all the hallmarks of the classic era of hip-hop and Rap.

Description: Short track with breakdance elements.

Description: Hip-Hop production music. Very simple repetitive groove with a soulful old school feeling. Useful for background cue, music bed for documentary, podcast or television programming. (full version available)

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