Description: old school hip-hop track with breakbeat, slap bass, electric piano.

Description: Cool old-school Hip Hop beat, with catchy synths and scratching. Dark and quirky arrangements.

Description: Old School Hip-Hop track with 90s and West Coast vibe.

Description: This is funky hip hop track.

Description: Upbeat olld school hip-hop/rap with electric guitar

Description: Old School Hip Hop is a Boom Bap 90`s gangsta style Hip-Hop track using deep bass, vinyl scratching, old style synths, trumpets and guitar samples, mpc style beat. It is the perfect Hip-Hop backing track for your New York or LA styled YouTube style vlog. The track is instrumental, ready for use as a background track or with talk over work. Perfect for use in - urban and street lifestyle video, fashion show video, vlog backing track.

Description: old school hip-hop track with breakbeat, funk guitar and bass.

Description: Groovy track with solid bass and drum beat and catchy synths. Upbeat and happy.

Description: A smooth ambient jazzy piano chord pattern chopped and re-sampled made to sound like a sample, chopped sax riffs, jazzy acoustic bass blended with 808 bass boom, FX synths, and funky smooth swing style MPC drum programming / Perfect of projects that needs smooth conscious jazzy hip-hop

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