Description: A modern urban pop hit that featuring marcato strings, mellow synth, synth chords, lead synth, timpani and beats. This track is fit with may types of urbanic street dance production, dirty south side, hip-hop, and many types of production.

Description: A bright and housy chill-out track that has a house trance influence contains lead creamy synth, dancing synth, fizzle synth, house trance synth, saw lead, acoustic guitar, chorus synth, mixed beats and cabasa. Fits with many types of romantic love projects and production, bright and dance production, teens love and much more.

Description: A urbanic dance track that featured by distorted synth electric guitar, ambient synth pads chords, chill synth, Fuzzy synth arp, pluckes synth, strings synth chords, sub bass, tambourine, triangle and mixed beats. This track is suitable for all types of mega urbanic dance background, dirty south, energetic advertisement, night parties, street grooves and much more.

Description: Bouncy hip-hop track followed by FX piano, lead synth, and beats. Fits with all types of Children projects and many more.

Description: A Hip-hop/Urban track followed by electric guitar, synth, voices and beats. Suitable for many types of projects.

Description: Starts out light but gets heavy with folk guitars and synth banging out. Great for a project where a driving house, club beat is needed.

Description: Comical and southern hip hop urban track that fits with all types of southern street dance, urbanic dance backgrounds and bouncy and comical, energetic projects/productions and adverts.

Description: This is Hard hip-hop track followed by analog synth, leads and hard beats. Suitable for many types of energetic projects.

Description: Bright and comical ambient chill hip-hop track suitable for voice-over, and many types of bright advertisements.

Description: Comical and funky hip-hop beat that may fits with all types of bright and comical advertisements, funny backgrounds, rap voice overs and much more.

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