Description: An orchestral hardcore instrumental hip hop beat with melodic stac strings and blockbuster choir. Ideal for rap battle, diss and background instrumental. Powerful, heavy, intense, epic and uplifting. There is enough headroom at the mid range frequency for vocal records.

Description: A mixed genre hiphop rap beat with piano,guitar and legato mhmm choir.Suspense and searching.Piano chords with repetable melodies.Ideal as background instrumental or for vocal recording on it.

Description: A different type of hip hop instrumental with pad women choir and synths.Melodic sub-bass and many sound fx.4 minutes length long and 3 verses.

Description: A hybrid background trance music with choral sounds. It can be used for science fiction videoes.

Description: A depressive pesimistic and melancholic rap beat with flute-like instrument.Melodic and sad.Rhytmic drum kits structure and sub basses.

Description: A beautiful hip hop track with solo violin, piano melodies and choir background. Cool drum kits rhythm and hi-hats. Long length with 3 verses. Melodic repeatable notes and harmonies. Professional sounds with good harmony.

Description: A Snoop Dogg styled gangsta rap beat.I've used dj scratch.There are gun shot effects too.3 verses.

Description: A sad hip hop rap beat instrumental with female choral voice and piano melodies.Intense and uplifting.Hardcore on verses.Harmony with sustain strings ensemble.Easy enterance and ending with emotional piano composition.

Description: A melodic background instrumental beat with guitar and drums. Emotional and hopeful. Achieving success, inspiring and motvational.

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